Last month I decided to get ahead of the game with my New Year's resolutions, which is to do more side projects. I launched my first illustration collection on Creative Market which has been so rewarding so far! Mostly because it gives me a creative boost that I really need, while connecting with a great community of artists. The Winter Rose Watercolor Collection is full of feminine floral elements that I hand painted and then converted to vectors for greater usability. Such a fun project to create, and to top it off Creative Market featured my new collection on their blog under Debut Uploads. I'd love your feedback, and to see what you create!


I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's! Here's a free wallpaper for your phone to celebrate!


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*Note: While this download is free, this Winter Rose Wallpaper is not for resale and is only for personal use. Purchases can be made on my creative market site. Thanks!


Last month I decided to be brave and take on the task of creating a pattern everyday. I say brave because for me this was a daunting commitment, and I had doubts, but I also knew I could do it. Being a perfectionist on a personal level can be extremely limiting at times (at least in my experience). Its a quality that pushes me to do great work professionally, and also a quality that holds me back from personal creativity at times. So I decided to walk in the opposite of fear and do something that I don't normally do - create something everyday! I've been inspired by a few creatives on instagram who were participating in the #100dayproject and decided to join in. My focus is on pattern design inspired by experiences in and around Portland - (feel free to take a look through my personal hashtag #100daysPDXpatternplay). I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to hone in on pattern design, which is something that has intrigued me for a while, while also getting to know and admire my new city. Here are just a handful of my favorites from the first 25 days.

Another thing I really love about this endeavor is that its all about the action of doing and not over thinking. I went into this knowing that somedays I may not create something I absolutely love, but that's ok because its all about the process. And its amazing what comes from letting go, and giving yourself the freedom to just create. While the focus is somewhat specific, I wanted the medium to be open in order to give me more freedom to draw, paint, or create digitally. Hope you enjoy!


Welcome to my little space on the internet! Here you will find my design musings and inspiration. A place to share new ideas and connect with other creatives out there. I love the outdoors, wellness living, mid-century modern decor, and good people. I'm married to a hilarious human named Peter, and we have an adorable rescue dog named Olive. We recently moved from Texas to Oregon and had a pretty amazing month long road trip out here. So many changes and adjustments for our little family, but I am really looking forward to what this year holds!

(Photography credit / Vanessa Christina)